Vicki Gibson, Ph.D.

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Vicki Gibson, Ph.D.

“Years of training educators has convinced me that the conference approach for professional development generates ideas but does not appear to significantly impact practice or student outcomes. I find it unfortunate that educators do not receive intensive training to develop their trade like other professionals. My friend and colleague Jan Hasbrouck and I have organized Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates to collaborate with other experts and provide research-based, skills-focused professional development that helps educators improve practice and increase student achievement.”

About Vicki Gibson, Ph.D.
Vicki Gibson, Ph.D., is a national educational consultant, author, and speaker specializing in differentiating instruction, classroom management, early childhood education and emergent reading and writing instruction. Dr. Vicki Gibson began her educational career working in public schools for 10 years as a kindergarten teacher and a learning disability specialist. Dr. Vicki Gibson owned and directed three private schools that served students ages 2–12 years. She also served as Director and developed a fourth school, Clay Academy, for The Potter’s House, in Dallas, Texas.

Vicki Gibson, Ph.D. completed her Masters Degree and Ph.D. at TAMU in Educational Psychology while teaching as an Adjunct Professor at TAMU for 10 years and supervising pre-service teacher preparation programs. She has conducted research on best practices and worked collaboratively with state and national agencies, administrators, and instructional leaders providing PD that develops a student-focused model that ensures all students have equitable access to explicit, differentiated instruction and collaborative practice.

Currently, Vicki Gibson, Ph.D. is CEO/Chairman of an educational consulting group and publishing company, Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates, providing high quality professional development (PD) and materials, including onsite and online PD for administrators and teachers. Dr. Vicki Gibson is the author of numerous curricula that are sold nationally, including McGraw Hill’s Comprehensive Reading Programs, Wonders Reading Program for Grades K-Grade 5, and Treasures Reading Program for K-Grades 5.

Dr. Vicki Gibson. has authored two early learning comprehensive curricula, the Ready to Advance Early Learning Curriculum published by Benchmark Education and the We Can Early Learning Curriculum published by Voyager Sopris Learning. Dr. Vicki Gibson also published We Can Manage the Early Childhood Classroom and Differentiating Instruction for Young Learners.

Dr. Vicki Gibson is an author and educational consultant for developing professional development materials and trainings published by Benchmark Education, and a former author on istation, a technology literacy program. She also serves on Advisory Boards for the National Council for Teacher Quality (NCTQ) and the DREME Mathematics Project at Stanford University.


Dr. Vicki Gibson has published numerous instructional and professional development resources:

  • Wonders Reading Program, Grades Kindergarten–Grade 6, McGraw Hill Education, NYC, NY
  • Ready to Advance Early Learning Program, PreK–Kindergarten comprehensive curriculum, Benchmark Education, New Rochelle, NY
  • Classroom Management for Early Learning, Benchmark Education, New Rochelle, NY
  • Classroom Management for Differentiating Instruction and Collaborative Practice, Kindergarten–Grade 5, Benchmark Education, New Rochelle, NY
  • Differentiating Teaching and Collaborative Practice for Middle and High Schools, Benchmark Education, New Rochelle, NY
  • Classroom Management for Early Learners, PreK–Kindergarten, Benchmark Education, NY
  • Teaching Responsible and Accountable Decision-Making, Benchmark Education, NY
  • Classroom Management for Elementary Classrooms, Benchmark Education, New Rochelle, NY
  • Treasures Reading Program, Grades K–6, McGraw Hill Education Company, NYC, NY
  • We Can Early Learning Curriculum, Preschool–Kindergarten, Voyager Learning, Dallas, TX
  • I Can Draw Pre-Writing Program, Preschool–Grade 1, Voyager Learning, Dallas, TX
  • Differentiated Instruction: Grouping for Success, Kindergarten–Grade 5, GHA, Austin, TX
  • Differentiated Instruction: Guidelines for Implementation, Kindergarten–Grade 5, GHA, Austin, TX
  • Differentiating Teaching and Practice in Middle and High Schools, GHA, Austin, TX
  • Managing Small Group Instruction, Kindergarten–Grade 5, GHA, Austin, TX
  • Classroom Management for Young Children, GHA, Austin, TX
  • Parenting Responsible Children, GHA, Austin, TX
  • Managing Behaviors to Support Differentiating Instruction and Collaborative Practice, Austin, TX
  • Administrators’ Roles for Differentiating Teaching and Practice in Middle School, GHA, Austin, TX

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